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    • Nell Mercer (August 13, 1893 – September 30, 1979) was an American suffragist. Born in North Landing, Virginia, she grew up in Norfolk, becoming a member of the local branch of the National Woman’s Party. As a member of the Silent Sentinels, she picketed Woodrow Wilson’s White House in support of women’s suffrage in the United States.

    • Scientific research on emotion has increased significantly over the past two decades. The color wheel theory of love defines three primary, three secondary and nine tertiary love styles, describing them in terms of the traditional color wheel. The triangular theory of love suggests “intimacy, passion and commitment” are core components of love.…Read More

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    • Objectively harness viral technologies and just in time web services. Synergistically aggregate value-added experiences vis-a-vis B2C ROI. Objectively promote progressive relationships rather than.

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